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Can you hear the drums Fernando?

Managing a blog is all about drumbeat marketing.



Secrets to success at Spinifex

Do what you say you are going to do.

There that is it. Not hard. Not that secret. But enormously powerful.  If you don’t do it you will lose all credibility. Without credibility and rapport the whole foundations of Spinifex are compromised.  We are only as good as our last gig and only as good as our word.

Empty promises suck wind

If you don’t mean it with heart and precision, then just don’t say it. You don’t want to be labelled a ‘gunna’ you want to be labelled a doer. Our clients, your work colleagues and other people in your life want someone they can rely on.  You can’t rely on a gunna.. because they are always gunna do something but they never seem to actually get there.

Of course you can’t always do what you said you would. Minds change and some prerogatives need their exercise. Batteries die, tragedies happen, the best intentions can get rained out. When you can’t or choose not to honour your word, then say so. Tell the truth, tell it fast, deliver it with sincerity and care.

It’s all about managing expectations.  Do you have a timeline? When did you say you would deliver it? Have you done it?  All you have to do is do what you say you’re going to do consistently and you’ll set yourself apart from the majority of your competition.

It’s not hard but it is life changing.




Doing it rather than just talking about it

It’s easy to convince yourself you’re busy. We can all fill our days up by checking email, checking facebook, IMing. The reality is, right now when we aren’t that busy because the work is not there, it seems to take longer to actually finish a job than if we are busy. Here are five tips to actually doing your work smarter so that you can reap the rewards.

1. Have a daily plan

Write it down. Ten action items on the list and tick it off every day.  What doesn’t get done on Day 1 should be at the top of the list on Day 2. If it gets to Day 3 and you still haven’t done it one can only assume you haven’t been there.

2. Cultivate a sense of urgency

Get things done. A fast, agile, adaptable organization makes the important things happen now. Urgency is allergic to bureaucracy. Reward fast action.  You become what you focus on and become like the people you spend time with.
3. Maximise efficiency

When you start on a task,  block everything out. Switch off the phone, log off Facebook, turn off the msn, make sure that every distraction is out of the way. Enforce disciplined execution.

4. Establish a daily routine

Start and end each day in the same way. Make sure you have your priorities, do your admin. It’s no good having done the job if no-one knows about it.

5. Write down your ideas

Do not trust your memory however good it may be!

We are a performance-oriented culture. We thrive on quality in every operation. We encourage continuous innovation. We cannot abide mediocrity.  As Nike says.. don’t talk about JUST DO IT!

The Really Important Website Statistics

Hi SPINNIES, thought this was interesting.

Article from HubSpot suggests it’s important to track a few key statistics on a regular basis and not get lost in the sea of numbers.  What are the most important?  This philosophy fits perfectly with EPiServer and Sitecore CMS’

Unfortunately the article didn’t start with what’s important for websites… what’s the goal or objective?

What are you trying to achieve? Turn Vet nurses into advocates of Advocate and Advantage products? Get pet owners to engage with pet care products? Okay, on with the important statistics from HubSpot.

1) Visitors (new and repeat).

This is the number of people who have come to your website for the first time or who are coming back for a second time. This is important, because this is the size of the pool of people from which you are trying to get leads. The bigger the number of visitors, the more potential for you to get leads.

2) Leads.

This is the number of people who self-select on your website and do something to give you their contact information. It could be signing up for a newsletter, registering for a course, registering a warranty, using a calculator, or finding a local dog park or vet, but there must be a form where they give you at least their email address and sometimes more information as well. This number is critical since your website leads are where your sales come from or your objectives met.

3) Conversion Rate.

This is the percentage of your total website visitors who become a lead. So, if you had 200 visitors to your website today, and you generated 3 leads, that would be a 1.5% conversion rate. Most people will tell you that a 1-2% conversion rate is the average for a b2b website. The conversion rate is important because it is telling you how efficient your website is at turning visitors into leads. Remember, you can double your company’s number of leads by either doubling your website traffic or doubling your conversion rate.

4) Website Grade.  Ad from our sponsors?

The free tool at  gives you an excellent overview of the marketing effectiveness of your website, including things like your Google PageRank, number of inbound links and other key statistics. What is nice about the Website Grade is that it summarizes this all into one number from 1 to 100. You should know what your website grade is and track it over time to make sure you improve (or if you already get a good score, to make sure you don’t slip.

5) Keyword Search Rank.  Good overview of the value of SEO as opposed to PPC or SEM

For most business websites, the most efficient traffic and leads will come from organic search. This is the traffic that comes from people searching on Google, MSN and Yahoo and other engines and finding your website in the results. This traffic is not completely “free”, since you need to work on your website to really maximize it, but it is usually much more cost effective than other sources. You need to know how you rank in the search engines for at least a few key terms related to your business, and you also want to know how that rank is changing over time – are you moving up or down – since that will determine the future success of your website visitors and leads.

Hope you found this insightful.

Spinifex 11 – 11 men, 3 casinos, 150 million dollars, 1 chance to pull it off.

Well that sounds like a conference not to be missed right?!

Spinifex 11

Spinifex 11

Whilst there may not be any casino’s near our conference facility (as the conference committee budget couldn’t quite get us all to Vegas), and our target for 2011 is about 147 million dollars short of 150 mentioned above (although 150 million target might be a bit exciting), we do have ONE chance to pull it off.

2011 is the year to be focused, fabulous and be famous for helping our clients into the future! We don’t want our competitors coming in and offering our clients anything nearly as good. The time is closing in for the Spinifex 11 to learn, brainstorm and develop our strategy for our future.

The question you are all asking… So if it’s not Vegas? Where? We researched many exotic places, including Melbourne, Coogee, even camping with animals was suggested! After much discussion and time invested in finding us the best place, we finally have a winner!

Located in Bowral in the Southern Highlands, Links House Hotel is ideal to get away from the daily grind, and sit in peacefulness to get our hands dirty, our mind mapping programs fired up, white boards and textas out and for us ALL to let our imaginations run free.

Built in 1928 as a country guesthouse Links House retains all the charm of that era while featuring modern facilities that ensure a relaxing stay. From the beautiful rose garden and secluded courtyards to the spacious comfort of the sitting rooms, the accommodation at Links House Hotel offers a relaxed and welcoming environment for every visitor.

So, whilse we sit in history, we will be dreaming about the future. Nice.

This is just the beginning… The conference committee will be providing you with updates on food, travel, which flight number to catch, what to bring, how to prepare and more in the coming weeks.

Countdown is on 30 working days til conference! We know you are excited.

From the CC (conference committee)

Ben, Tracey, Marty and Kate


Hi guys – seems you were all pretty impressed with the Augmented Reality technology this morning. Below are some of the links to the videos and pages we saw so you can share them around or check it out for yourselves.

Augmented reality: Combines real and virtual – is interactive in real time – is registered in 3D.

AR GE smartgrid

Layar – A real time directory for your smart phone (iPhone 3Gs or higher only sorry!)

Lego – At a world toy fair Lego used AR to show the kiddies what was in the box

Education – See what AR can do for education and demonstration

GE Smart Grid – See a live demo on your own computer. Follow the instructions, it’s easy.

There are LOADS more examples online. Search Augmented Reality to check it out.

Tim – Chief Geek

Back to the future


Well we’re back from San Fran but now it’s time to get back to the future. We’re pretty excited about what the future holds for Spinifex and the cool stuff we can deliver for our clients and internally for us as a team.We’ve learned a great deal over the last 7 days and we hope to share this with you all over the coming months.  Most importantly we have discovered a few novel ways of improving our internal communications such as Skyping Tracey and maintaining a blog which I think we all enjoyed the experience of during our time away.

Therefore I have updated our header to our logo and tagline so we can continue to use this and build content and learn what we are able to achieve in the blogosphere.

To infinity and beyond!

Tim – CGO

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