Everything old is new again

The good news is the past is the future. Yep, Michael J Fox was onto something when he starred in Back to the Future.  And for the luddites the world is not changing only the tools we use to communicate within it are.

So, if you know how to write engaging copy, source a great image and set some objectives then you have all you need to be a success in this connected marketing world.

The Goal is to capture the hearts and minds

Tv, print, brochures, radio was all about eyes and ears. How many were reading, watching or listening?  Social, email, web is about hearts and minds. Boys and gals if you can talk to people you already have all the skills you need to excel. Because the new tools we are using are all about conversations. Conversations usually start with the sales pitch.. Let’s go back to the bar..

Short, sharp and to the point

You are there at the bar you see someone you want to talk to .. what’s your pitch? Come on what do you say? You have precisely 118 seconds before you’ve lost me and you’re buying yourself a drink.  Well it’s the same with marketing – we have 118 seconds to attract, grab and engage attention. Here’s a little task for you.. reply with your ‘elevator pitch’ the question is what do you do? The answer?? Remember 118 seconds..

Those who reply will win a prize..

Our job in this old, new world is to question debate and inspire our clients to use the new tools.  We are going to do this by using the FOUR E’s

1. Engage      2. Educate      3. Excite    4. Evangelise

What does that mean? It means LISTENING, RESPONDING and BEING HUMAN. Because people talk to people they don’t talk to companies.


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