Not the dummy anymore

Day one at the conference was great. Hope you have read the rest of the teams blogs?! We started with a brilliant keynote speaker to kick off the sessions. He was inspirational, entertaining, engaging and hit home. Anges blog touches on what he spoke about. Be inspired.

SEO 101
After my initial search engine optimization (SEO) session, I now:
–       understand what it is
–       why it is important
–       how we can implement strategies; and
–       what we can do differently

I am finally catching up with the rest of the geeks. Ask me a question, go on, I dare ya! Just comment on it at the bottom of this blog.

The nerdiest (and the part I loved the most in this session) was learning what CSS stands for (cascading style sheet) and how important H1 and H2 tags are instead of designers defining their own tags using CSS. I would like you all to know that we did this correctly for – go team!

Feeling confident and heading in the right direction, I entered the next session on the imperatives of the marketing revolution.

2010. Marketing revolution.
5 key take aways:

1) What is the biggest social marketing challenge?
–       leverage for own company: 43%
–       buy in from staff: 30%
–       lack of resources / staffing: 27%

2) Brand Manager, or CMO (chief marketing officer) must be the change agent
–       take leadership
–       take risks

3) Let go. Consumers control the brand

4) Engage customers with conversations
–       its not just a numbers game
–       rich dialogue will result in higher conversation rates than just 1000 tweet followers
–       5 ways to engage customers with conversations

  • ask opinions, surveys, poll, publish results
  • integrate content across channels
  • build in flexibility to respond and change (don’t have long and tedious processes, ie Bayer)
  • make content personal and relevant
  • leverage conflicting views to spark interest

5) Free your content
–       turn key messages into provocative statements (summarise and address needs)
–       chunk it up
–       use content to drive content (ie blog content, quedtions on a forum)
–       keep content fresh through regular research

ABC. All ‘Bout Content.

The final session I want to share with you was about content marketing and optimization. They reminded me that customers/clients expect more, check out the current buying process below:

  1. Search for facts
  2. Ask friends on social sites
  3. Search again
  4. Review features and benefits
  5. Purchase
  6. Share purchase

Whether it’s a new hair straightener, a new Toyota camry, or even booking a dinner date reservation… Think about the journey you take when purchasing something?

5 key take aways:
–       Develop and optimise content with personas in mind (identify your audience and where they are up to with their purchase lifecycle)
–       Create and promote content regularly… We currently create new content for the Murray Valley pork website, but do we promote it? Suggest using twitter or facebook to inform customers of the new site. Our current email campaigns help with this for Bayer CARE. But lets get cleverer than emails!
–       Develop channels of distribution and social links (don’t get caught up beliving if we built it, they will come – this is a dream, not reality)
–       Use effectively both web and social media analytics – we touch on the first one but not the second. Pete suggests Episerver has a function to do this – I am excited. Ben, not sure if you remember a supplier coming in and sharing a tool that does this. His software searched twitter for keywords for us to then comment on, or target.
–       When writing copy, have the end user in mind, then google.

Ok, good night y’all.


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