I’ve got a secret. 21 of them.

21 secrets of top-converting websites.
By converting, I mean having your users, do some sort of action. Whether your site is an eCommerce site and they choose a product, add it to their cart and make the purchase, or if it is BayerCARE and the user registers, and does a course, each of these transactions, is a conversion.

Contact us should be on every page, and the more I think about it, register now, or do a course should be on every page too. Don’t be shy. Don’t settle for anything less than 100%. And remember:

  • Relevance
  • Credibility
  • Navigation

1. Communicate your unique value proposition – need a simple explanation about why you are the best, on every page (best place would be in the banner, or just below). Ie Bayer Accelerate. Free, online learning courses for Veterinary staff.

2. Make offers that are persuasive and relevant – know what motivates your audience and remind them of the offer throughout the site, or the process. Re-enforce the offer, site wide.

3. Make sure each page maintains the scent – the look, feel, tone, branding. Examine all customers pathway, as not all will come to you via the same route.

4. Localise – If you know their postcode, put a local testimonial up at point of conversion, to enforce they are doing the right thing.

5. Make sure you understand the customer buying process – If you want to be reminded what this new buying process is (has evolved over time since the intrduction of social media), see my last post. A great example is Victoria’s secret. They know that purchasing a bikini for a female is not the funnest of shopping trips. But they allow the customer to select bikinis online and choose based on type of top you need and type of bottom (very rarely are us girls the same size for both).

6. Appeal to multiple personas / segments.

7. Don’t slice and dice optimisation

8. Leverage social communities, use the voice of the customers

9. Think about your navigation – Dont just sort alphabetically, be able to go by price, or rating. Bayer Accelerate’s courses are only sorted alphabetically, and what is new. We should do them by the number of people done a course, or get them rated. Or on complexity!

10. Make forms more engaging – you dont want to lose them here. Make sure the forms look like the rest of the site. And are simple.

ok… So I said 21… the other 11 will be with you soon. Gotta get ready for day #3.

Have a great day.


One Response to I’ve got a secret. 21 of them.

  1. Tracey Elbourn says:

    I like “CONTACT” to be BIG text and visible and not hidden away and on every page like you say is a great idea.

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