Secrets to success at Spinifex

Do what you say you are going to do.

There that is it. Not hard. Not that secret. But enormously powerful.  If you don’t do it you will lose all credibility. Without credibility and rapport the whole foundations of Spinifex are compromised.  We are only as good as our last gig and only as good as our word.

Empty promises suck wind

If you don’t mean it with heart and precision, then just don’t say it. You don’t want to be labelled a ‘gunna’ you want to be labelled a doer. Our clients, your work colleagues and other people in your life want someone they can rely on.  You can’t rely on a gunna.. because they are always gunna do something but they never seem to actually get there.

Of course you can’t always do what you said you would. Minds change and some prerogatives need their exercise. Batteries die, tragedies happen, the best intentions can get rained out. When you can’t or choose not to honour your word, then say so. Tell the truth, tell it fast, deliver it with sincerity and care.

It’s all about managing expectations.  Do you have a timeline? When did you say you would deliver it? Have you done it?  All you have to do is do what you say you’re going to do consistently and you’ll set yourself apart from the majority of your competition.

It’s not hard but it is life changing.





Doing it rather than just talking about it

It’s easy to convince yourself you’re busy. We can all fill our days up by checking email, checking facebook, IMing. The reality is, right now when we aren’t that busy because the work is not there, it seems to take longer to actually finish a job than if we are busy. Here are five tips to actually doing your work smarter so that you can reap the rewards.

1. Have a daily plan

Write it down. Ten action items on the list and tick it off every day.  What doesn’t get done on Day 1 should be at the top of the list on Day 2. If it gets to Day 3 and you still haven’t done it one can only assume you haven’t been there.

2. Cultivate a sense of urgency

Get things done. A fast, agile, adaptable organization makes the important things happen now. Urgency is allergic to bureaucracy. Reward fast action.  You become what you focus on and become like the people you spend time with.
3. Maximise efficiency

When you start on a task,  block everything out. Switch off the phone, log off Facebook, turn off the msn, make sure that every distraction is out of the way. Enforce disciplined execution.

4. Establish a daily routine

Start and end each day in the same way. Make sure you have your priorities, do your admin. It’s no good having done the job if no-one knows about it.

5. Write down your ideas

Do not trust your memory however good it may be!

We are a performance-oriented culture. We thrive on quality in every operation. We encourage continuous innovation. We cannot abide mediocrity.  As Nike says.. don’t talk about JUST DO IT!

The art of conversation

A conversation is informal interchange of thoughts between people. You say something, I say something. We share information, details and thoughts and we come away enriched.

As people, we engage in conversation daily.  We share how we slept, what we watched and how we are feeling. It’s natural. It makes us feel connected.


It’s true. It’s just in writing. However, we are guilty of conducting one way speaking at you sessions. What is in that for our subscribers?

Think about all the emails we create. Who are they for? What are they for? Examine closely our campaigns and ask these questions.  “Why would I sign up to receive this? What’s in it for me?”

Once you can answer that you need to examine the content. How can we change it to invite more interaction?  How can we make it more engaging?  What are our readers searching for? Have we looked at the latest trends on Google, Yahoo, Facebook? Do we know what they are interested in? Are we providing what they want OR what we want to tell them?

It’s all about the reader

We need to engage our readers in an interactive conversation. We won’t do this if we aren’t writing engaging copy, or we are writing irrelevant copy. We certainly won’t do this if we aren’t listening to what is being said because conversations are two-way.

Remember, what’s not shared loses value.

Everything old is new again

The good news is the past is the future. Yep, Michael J Fox was onto something when he starred in Back to the Future.  And for the luddites the world is not changing only the tools we use to communicate within it are.

So, if you know how to write engaging copy, source a great image and set some objectives then you have all you need to be a success in this connected marketing world.

The Goal is to capture the hearts and minds

Tv, print, brochures, radio was all about eyes and ears. How many were reading, watching or listening?  Social, email, web is about hearts and minds. Boys and gals if you can talk to people you already have all the skills you need to excel. Because the new tools we are using are all about conversations. Conversations usually start with the sales pitch.. Let’s go back to the bar..

Short, sharp and to the point

You are there at the bar you see someone you want to talk to .. what’s your pitch? Come on what do you say? You have precisely 118 seconds before you’ve lost me and you’re buying yourself a drink.  Well it’s the same with marketing – we have 118 seconds to attract, grab and engage attention. Here’s a little task for you.. reply with your ‘elevator pitch’ the question is what do you do? The answer?? Remember 118 seconds..

Those who reply will win a prize..

Our job in this old, new world is to question debate and inspire our clients to use the new tools.  We are going to do this by using the FOUR E’s

1. Engage      2. Educate      3. Excite    4. Evangelise

What does that mean? It means LISTENING, RESPONDING and BEING HUMAN. Because people talk to people they don’t talk to companies.

Failing at Social media? Here are eight reasons why…

1. You aren’t doing it … Woody Allen said 90% of success is just turning up and well you can’t succeed with social media if you aren’t doing it.  So get into it.. (For those who have no idea what it is.. Social Media 101 coming soon)

2. You are too caught up with ROI… let’s face it PR for years was pretty hard to measure and we didn’t get too hung up about it we just went with it. Experimented. Then we found out what worked and what didn’t and then we measured. So don’t get caught up in how you might measure it.. JUST do it.

3. No strategy.. So, you’re doing it but you don’t have a plan.. big mistake. Like any other marketing effort you need a strategy. Doing stuff is great but it needs to fit in the plan.

4. You’ve got no policy.. So who can blog and who can’t? What can they say and what can’t they say? It needs to be clear, concise and easy to follow.. otherwise you’ll never get anything done.

5. Social = Content. If you don’t that is true then you are barking up the wrong tree. Whether  it’s a status update or a story it’s all content.

6. No content calendar.. Oh my god you don’t have a calendar.. Like everyone who succeeds has a calendar. So set an objective such as newsletter sign ups or blog subscriptions and then set your content calendar around achieving it.. Cool 🙂

7. You join everything.. Less is more. Don’t join everything work in where it fits with your strategy. You don’t want to be seen as the company who will go to the opening of an envelope..

8. You don’t get it! Social media is meant to connect PEOPLE. It’s not for business to sell. It’s about becoming real – human – sharing – giving and receiving.

So don’t be a social outcast.. just be socially involved.

Social marketing is PR on steroids

So, here we are in a bar discussing who did what to whom. In the past the information we discussed would have been gleaned from newspapers, magazines or tv. Now? Facebook, Twitter, sms. Times have changed. Times have stayed the same. Influencing target markets that’s what marketers want to do. It used to be that you had a wall between you and your consumer. Now your consumer is in the same room as you, involving you in a conversation whether you want it or not.

My friend has enough trouble keeping up with the conversations that happen with real people in her life. How will she ever keep up with the virtual conversations? Why would she want to? “I create beautiful gardens, why do I care what people think in Washington?” Indeed why does she?   All that and more will be revealed at Connected Marketing week. Stay tuned for more.

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