Spinifex 11 – 11 men, 3 casinos, 150 million dollars, 1 chance to pull it off.

Well that sounds like a conference not to be missed right?!

Spinifex 11

Spinifex 11

Whilst there may not be any casino’s near our conference facility (as the conference committee budget couldn’t quite get us all to Vegas), and our target for 2011 is about 147 million dollars short of 150 mentioned above (although 150 million target might be a bit exciting), we do have ONE chance to pull it off.

2011 is the year to be focused, fabulous and be famous for helping our clients into the future! We don’t want our competitors coming in and offering our clients anything nearly as good. The time is closing in for the Spinifex 11 to learn, brainstorm and develop our strategy for our future.

The question you are all asking… So if it’s not Vegas? Where? We researched many exotic places, including Melbourne, Coogee, even camping with animals was suggested! After much discussion and time invested in finding us the best place, we finally have a winner!

Located in Bowral in the Southern Highlands, Links House Hotel is ideal to get away from the daily grind, and sit in peacefulness to get our hands dirty, our mind mapping programs fired up, white boards and textas out and for us ALL to let our imaginations run free.

Built in 1928 as a country guesthouse Links House retains all the charm of that era while featuring modern facilities that ensure a relaxing stay. From the beautiful rose garden and secluded courtyards to the spacious comfort of the sitting rooms, the accommodation at Links House Hotel offers a relaxed and welcoming environment for every visitor.

So, whilse we sit in history, we will be dreaming about the future. Nice.

This is just the beginning… The conference committee will be providing you with updates on food, travel, which flight number to catch, what to bring, how to prepare and more in the coming weeks.

Countdown is on 30 working days til conference! We know you are excited.

From the CC (conference committee)

Ben, Tracey, Marty and Kate



Not the dummy anymore

Day one at the conference was great. Hope you have read the rest of the teams blogs?! We started with a brilliant keynote speaker to kick off the sessions. He was inspirational, entertaining, engaging and hit home. Anges blog touches on what he spoke about. Be inspired.

SEO 101
After my initial search engine optimization (SEO) session, I now:
–       understand what it is
–       why it is important
–       how we can implement strategies; and
–       what we can do differently

I am finally catching up with the rest of the geeks. Ask me a question, go on, I dare ya! Just comment on it at the bottom of this blog.

The nerdiest (and the part I loved the most in this session) was learning what CSS stands for (cascading style sheet) and how important H1 and H2 tags are instead of designers defining their own tags using CSS. I would like you all to know that we did this correctly for www.masterpet.com.au – go team!

Feeling confident and heading in the right direction, I entered the next session on the imperatives of the marketing revolution.

2010. Marketing revolution.
5 key take aways:

1) What is the biggest social marketing challenge?
–       leverage for own company: 43%
–       buy in from staff: 30%
–       lack of resources / staffing: 27%

2) Brand Manager, or CMO (chief marketing officer) must be the change agent
–       take leadership
–       take risks

3) Let go. Consumers control the brand

4) Engage customers with conversations
–       its not just a numbers game
–       rich dialogue will result in higher conversation rates than just 1000 tweet followers
–       5 ways to engage customers with conversations

  • ask opinions, surveys, poll, publish results
  • integrate content across channels
  • build in flexibility to respond and change (don’t have long and tedious processes, ie Bayer)
  • make content personal and relevant
  • leverage conflicting views to spark interest

5) Free your content
–       turn key messages into provocative statements (summarise and address needs)
–       chunk it up
–       use content to drive content (ie blog content, quedtions on a forum)
–       keep content fresh through regular research

ABC. All ‘Bout Content.

The final session I want to share with you was about content marketing and optimization. They reminded me that customers/clients expect more, check out the current buying process below:

  1. Search for facts
  2. Ask friends on social sites
  3. Search again
  4. Review features and benefits
  5. Purchase
  6. Share purchase

Whether it’s a new hair straightener, a new Toyota camry, or even booking a dinner date reservation… Think about the journey you take when purchasing something?

5 key take aways:
–       Develop and optimise content with personas in mind (identify your audience and where they are up to with their purchase lifecycle)
–       Create and promote content regularly… We currently create new content for the Murray Valley pork website, but do we promote it? Suggest using twitter or facebook to inform customers of the new site. Our current email campaigns help with this for Bayer CARE. But lets get cleverer than emails!
–       Develop channels of distribution and social links (don’t get caught up beliving if we built it, they will come – this is a dream, not reality)
–       Use effectively both web and social media analytics – we touch on the first one but not the second. Pete suggests Episerver has a function to do this – I am excited. Ben, not sure if you remember a supplier coming in and sharing a tool that does this. His software searched twitter for keywords for us to then comment on, or target.
–       When writing copy, have the end user in mind, then google.

Ok, good night y’all.

Email metrics that matter – Part #1

For geeks and wonks, the ease of accessing a multitude of email marketing metrics is similar to being the proverbial ‘kid in a candy store’.

Ange, Kate and Tim

Geeks riding over the Golden Gate Bridge, San Fran, California

But just as even the most ravenous kid will get a sore tummy stomach from too many lollies, marketers like us can find that the wealth of available metrics induces a headache: No one has the time and energy to view and analyse them all!

Two categories of email metrics

–       operational/process
–       output/success

Operational metrics, such as bounce, unsubscribe and spam complaints rates, help you understand the mechanics of your email efforts.

Output metrics, which include things like average $$ per email delivered and orders per customer per year, show how email marketing is contributing to the success of the business –the actual bottom line.

Measures of success
Before you start measuring you need to determine what business goals you are trying to attain and what problems you are aiming to solve.

Example – If I was Ben Frost: If your priority is to sell yourself to a pretty girl, you’ll need to track different statistics than if your number #1 issue is to keep your girlfriend!

The traditional metrics that most people look at are not going to help you solve your problems!

When it comes to measuring engagement (not the number of times you have been engaged… Marty!) click-through rates are key. Click-throughs let marketers like us know what in their content is driving subscriber interest.

Using these reports, we can really see what catches the eye of the subscribers and what doesn’t! This is why Hayden’s monthly reports are so important! This allows us to improve the content or reduce content that simply doesn’t get any bites. Ben, when we get back, lets look at the marketing tip emails we send out monthly and see what we can discover.

Just as important, are conversion rates because at the end of the day, email recipients must do something to drive the sender’s business forward!

NOTE: Click-through rates are plural.

Part #2 will explain how metrics can help deliver results

Part #3 we head to the fruit shop to compare apples and oranges

Not everyone can hide under their desk

Martin Flybourne

Not everyone can hide under their desk

Social media is coming to get you! Whether it is skype, facebook, blogging or something new we are about to learn about, there is no more hiding. With the new Episerver websites, we can watch in real-time, where our website users (browser) are visiting… Which pages they visit, the journey or path they take to do some sort of action, and more.

We may not have been able to see you Trace when we skyped yesterday but we do know you are friends with Peter Huxley, just from your facebook page!

Well … I am excited. After a fun and action packed weekend, today it is down to business and we are registering for the conference, getting our goodie bags plus visiting some of the trade exhibits!

Stay tuned for some cool new social media tools available now. And some ideas on how we can implement them into the programs we currently have in place, and some new ones we could aim to have.

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