The art of conversation

A conversation is informal interchange of thoughts between people. You say something, I say something. We share information, details and thoughts and we come away enriched.

As people, we engage in conversation daily.  We share how we slept, what we watched and how we are feeling. It’s natural. It makes us feel connected.


It’s true. It’s just in writing. However, we are guilty of conducting one way speaking at you sessions. What is in that for our subscribers?

Think about all the emails we create. Who are they for? What are they for? Examine closely our campaigns and ask these questions.  “Why would I sign up to receive this? What’s in it for me?”

Once you can answer that you need to examine the content. How can we change it to invite more interaction?  How can we make it more engaging?  What are our readers searching for? Have we looked at the latest trends on Google, Yahoo, Facebook? Do we know what they are interested in? Are we providing what they want OR what we want to tell them?

It’s all about the reader

We need to engage our readers in an interactive conversation. We won’t do this if we aren’t writing engaging copy, or we are writing irrelevant copy. We certainly won’t do this if we aren’t listening to what is being said because conversations are two-way.

Remember, what’s not shared loses value.

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