Digital marketing secret exposed. Great content gets viewed, gets linked.

Remember TV?

They were the days when we sat in front of a big telly and programs had to rate with us otherwise we changed the channel, surfing for something more interesting. Advertisers cried, programming managers got the sack and programs lived and died on how programs rated.

What’s changed? Not much. Great content still rates highest.

SEO, SEM, CTRs were not heard of then, but audience appeal is as alive today as it was then. Audience numbers grew with audience appeal. Great shows attracted lots of eyeballs and the highest ratings. Great content on the web attracts lots of eyeballs too.

Create great content and you can guarantee search engine interest because:

  • They’ll read it
  • They’ll share it
  • They’ll syndicate it
  • They’ll subscribe to it and
  • They’ll link to it.

These are all the things that search engines place rank preference to.

Search engines want to serve the best content to those that use them to search, and by the way, those who search so they continue to use the search engine and will hopefully see the ads that make the search engines money. That business model is very similar to that of television, radio and press. Advertisers follow the audience because that is where the money is.

A few things have changed though. The best visitor to your website is the one that is most engaged. Their engagement level can be influenced by where they’ve come from. Was it a blog, YouTube, forums, Google adwords, social news or twitter? It can count.

This interesting graphic shows types of attributes (media) that Matthew Bailey of Site Logic Marketing at the SES conference in San Francisco this week,  suggested drive the most engaged or unengaged visitors.

Attribution engagement levels

He suggested that your visitor may be more engaged if they come from a blog or article relating to your content than if they have come from Twitter. Stands to reason given that the twitter visitor has been reading 160 characters of information before clicking to look at your site and the visitor from a blog or article may have invested their time in several paragraphs (and therefore more engaged) before arriving at your content which hopefully will be in context with what they have viewed before.

So that’s the digital marketing secret exposed. Great content is king in webland. Oh you already knew that?


Great insights coming soon

What’s great about this conference is 4 themed days (no we don’t have to dress up) focusing on core topics critical to our success in the digital world including, social media, email marketing, ad networks, search optimization, real-time information and more.

Here is what i can see that’s interesting on day 1.

Tuesday August 17th

Explore the major search engines and how can we can best optimize them to gain “natural” or “organic” traffic. Accelerate SEO with social media and look at the next generation of digital marketing and predict what search might look like in the next ten years.

Also on the agenda are discovering the nuances of:

  • How pay-per-click (PPC) actually works;
  • The knowledge to set up, monitor and continuously improve your campaigns;
  • Effective keyword research, copy-writing tips, landing page creation, geo-targeting, ad networks, budgeting for paid search; and
  • The basics of bidding and campaign management

There’s also unique insights into content based optimization strategies and processes as well as tactics for sourcing, creation and promotion of optimized content on the social web.

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