It’s not an iPhone it’s a marriage

Internationally last year there were roughly 4 billion handsets (phones) sold, 35% of those devices were smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry etc) and are web enabled. That’s 1.4 billion devices. How many PC’s sold last year? 1.2 billion. 200,000,000 less computers than smartphones sold last year. Wow.

But what does that change? Everything.

Your relationship with your iPhone is greater than your relationship with your desktop or laptop computer and certainly greater than your relationship with your TV. You like these things, but you looooove your iPhone. It’s like a marriage.

Your iPhone is by your side 24/7, it’s always connected (ok well with Optus, nearly always). You kiss your computer good night, turn it off and leave it on your desk but your iPhone it stays turned on and comes to bed with you…ooooh yeah. You don’t mind if you’re iPhone comes with you to the bathroom either. Hmmm.

What does that mean to us, as marketers?
It’s timely, it’s local, it’s emotional.

For example if I’m looking for a nice restaurant to visit and do a search on my iPhone I’m most likely to be making my purchase decision right now. Timely. There’s also a good chance I’ll be within the vicinity of the restaurant. Local. And, because I’m married to my iPhone I trust it’s recommendation. Emotional.

When I looked up looking for a new route for us to ride our bikes tomorrow morning, it found my GPS position and served up the top 5 most most popular rides in San Fran. No search required. Thank you iPhone, love you.

The development of sites for mobile devices in the next few years will be serving you more and more local, timely and emotionally driven tools to make your life easier and you can enjoy a long and fulfilling marriage.

But don’t forget to look your iPhone in the eyes everyday and say “I love you”. You know it’ll love you back.

Tim – CGO


Mobile social. Anywhere, anytime.

While I’m here to learn about social networking and it’s role in the future of marketing, for me it’s also about using it and experiencing the various tools available. As you are probably aware I’m not a big Facebook user, in my opinion Twitter is for twats and blogging is just something Pete talks about ad nauseam. So I’ve taken it upon myself to embrace the online social sphere and for 7 days see what it has to offer.

As an added complication, my laptop can’t pick the hotel wi-fi so my only connection is via my iPhone. Incredibly this is no limitation. I’m writing this post on the WordPress app, I can regularly update twitter and photos of Jake and Linda I can see on Facebook. What other apps and cool stuff can I use? Dunno, but watch this space – I’m gonna find out!

Check out the photo of Kate, Ange and Pete on the Golden Gate bridge.

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