The future of media advertising digital style?

Digital advertising started with the introduction many years ago – at least it seems like that – with display ads that were called banner ads. Remember them? It was a model that was similar to how we buy media on TV, radio and newspaper. Then along came search ads, those text ads that sit on the right hand side of your Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines.

Display may be back

Display took a back seat as Google made Adwords the latest key for advertisers knowledgeable or not to unlock consumer dollars but now it looks like Display may have its hand up for a greater share of advertiser dollars. Just look at the numbers. Adults spend 34% of their total time with media on the Internet. That’s the stat from SES conference at San Francisco this week. However only 12% of the media spend is invested on online media advertising whether search ads or display ads.

This diagram outlines how media needs to incorporate both online and offline environments in its strategy planning in this new age in advertising.

Diagram of role of agency in online and offline media planning

In the online media environment, creative optimisation is still the key but the differences are:

  • Creative can change to be more relevant to visitor type using Smart Ads
  • Post view conversion rates will become a key measure
  • Rich ads will bring display to search ads previously the realm of text
  • Technology will not create effectiveness, knowledge will.

Ad exchanges and yield optimisers

There are a few ad exchanges such as Right media, Appinexus and Double Click and a number of yield optimisers – provides ROI to the campaign per click, per impression, per action – provide guidance in a rapidly changing publisher base. The market is highly volatile and learning to be transparent to advertisers who want to know just where their ad is being placed. The market is also an auction, bidding for space. In fact there is talk it may even end up looking like a futures exchange.

Go figure!


Failing at Social media? Here are eight reasons why…

1. You aren’t doing it … Woody Allen said 90% of success is just turning up and well you can’t succeed with social media if you aren’t doing it.  So get into it.. (For those who have no idea what it is.. Social Media 101 coming soon)

2. You are too caught up with ROI… let’s face it PR for years was pretty hard to measure and we didn’t get too hung up about it we just went with it. Experimented. Then we found out what worked and what didn’t and then we measured. So don’t get caught up in how you might measure it.. JUST do it.

3. No strategy.. So, you’re doing it but you don’t have a plan.. big mistake. Like any other marketing effort you need a strategy. Doing stuff is great but it needs to fit in the plan.

4. You’ve got no policy.. So who can blog and who can’t? What can they say and what can’t they say? It needs to be clear, concise and easy to follow.. otherwise you’ll never get anything done.

5. Social = Content. If you don’t that is true then you are barking up the wrong tree. Whether  it’s a status update or a story it’s all content.

6. No content calendar.. Oh my god you don’t have a calendar.. Like everyone who succeeds has a calendar. So set an objective such as newsletter sign ups or blog subscriptions and then set your content calendar around achieving it.. Cool 🙂

7. You join everything.. Less is more. Don’t join everything work in where it fits with your strategy. You don’t want to be seen as the company who will go to the opening of an envelope..

8. You don’t get it! Social media is meant to connect PEOPLE. It’s not for business to sell. It’s about becoming real – human – sharing – giving and receiving.

So don’t be a social outcast.. just be socially involved.

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