Things we thought to be true maybe aren’t anymore

Yes, Jonathan Hochman suggests there are 3 things you could probably ignore in the search for search engine friendliness????

Tip 1. You can ignore that you have to keep adding content to your website.

Mr Hochman says you don’t have to. He says some sites do better with their old content when looking to impress search engines. But, its it’s an important BUT. Focus on quality content that attracts visitors.

Tip 2. You can ignore that you need lot’s of links to your site.

“Link building services” have made this a shady thing. Instead don’t go chasing lots of links but use some “valid” tactics such a paid search, relevant articles, sharing of photos and aiming to get your quality content on some of the top sites when you use key word search.

Tip 3.  You can ignore using keyword meta tags.

Well we knew this one. Google claims not to use them but maybe Yahoo still does. Invest instead on content that uses keywords, keywords in page titles and key words in page descriptions.

So quality is King! Quality links, quality content using keywords and quality keywords in your content.

Looking forward to insights we’ll get tomorrow.

BTW Jonathan Hochman is big-guy-in-charge at Hochman Conaultants and respected geek and not looking old enough to shave.

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